To get a complete picture of the entire distribution network in country and to ensure achievement of “24 x7 Power for All”, vision of government of India, it is essential to capture real time supply parameters of rural India and this can be achieved by monitoring the availability/quality of power supply in rural areas of the country by capturing actual distribution parameters- Power supply, outages and conduct feeder wise Energy audit and AT&C losses estimation. In order to meet above objective, Ministry of Power, GoI has introduced a scheme namely “11 kV Rural Feeder Monitoring Scheme” and appointed REC Transmission Projects Company Limited as Implementing Agency for the same. Under the Scheme, rural feeders meter data shall be acquired through modem and shall be send to central MDAS for further analysis by all stake holders. To develop a Self-sustained independent web based system for automated 11 kV Rural Feeder Monitoring System through Data Logging of various essential parameters of all the Outgoing 11kV rural feeders from 66, 33/11 kV sub stations installed in the Sub-Station and make the information available online for various stake holders including public portal, on real time basis for power supply monitoring, alerts, meter data analysis, information dissemination and energy audit The System would help for monitoring power supply, proper planning, decision support and taking corrective actions on the business activities in addition to transparently disseminating the power supply status. The System would further facilitate consolidation of various parameters downloaded from the meters installed on the feeders into a common database thus enabling generation of various holistic MIS reports for analysis and actions.